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Who looks at the information on Business Directory?

Thousands of people every day use web directories to search for providers of goods and services. They may search for your specific business or they may search for providers of goods or services in your area.

How can I add my business to the Directory Bay Business listing?

Please use our add your business page to add a business listing. When sign up is complete, an automatic e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address indicating that the initial process is complete and verification will begin. You need to set a password and after that you can log in to your business profile. Click on Item->Add Items to enter your business information. Once you filled all the required fields, click on publish to add your business. After the verification process which ensures that, the property information is correct, the relevant business information is listed, duplicates are removed, licensing is confirmed, picture quality is good (if applicable) your business will show on our directory listing. 


How can I make changes to my business directory listing?

Changes can be made to the existing business listing and, upon submission, the same verification process will begin once again. To do that login to your business profile and do the require amendment and click on publish.

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