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Customer Loyalty

Many entrepreneurs forget that to survive in the business world they need to cater to all customers – new and old. Sure, you want to make new sales. But you need to put attention on those customers coming into your business already. How can you ensure repeat business and customer loyalty – in essence, your […]

How to Negotiate

Most entrepreneurs feel they are great negotiators. The reality is that a good chunk of them are not the master negotiators they think they are. However, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad your skills are, as you can always improve your negotiating skills. 10 Tips to Ensure You Become a Master Negotiator Preparation […]

Improve website security channel

Directory Bay is proud to launch our newly redesigned website with more secured channel (HTTPS). We have redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services. We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site. We […]

Measuring Success

Five Indicators of a Successful Business 1. Profit The tell-tale sign of a successful business is profit. At least, that’s how business owners gauge their success. Does the business make money – is it in the black on the books? It makes sense. After all, if you’ve paid all the monthly expenses, debt and operating […]

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