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Customer Loyalty

Many entrepreneurs forget that to survive in the business world they need to cater to all customers – new and old. Sure, you want to make new sales. But you need to put attention on those customers coming into your business already. How can you ensure repeat business and customer loyalty – in essence, your success? You must implement a tactic that ensures they have a positive experience.


Of course, the most effective thing you can do after you’ve made a sale is to tell the customer, “thank you” and “have a nice day”. If you can get personal information – phone number, address, email address – you can find out if they’ve enjoyed your product or service. Still, there are other things you can do to build customer loyalty.

5 Ways To Attain Customer Loyalty For Your Business’s Survival

Inform Customers What You’re Doing To Help Them
It doesn’t matter if you contact them by phone, email or snail mail, let your customer know what you’re doing to help them. Keep in mind that some customers are just unobservant to the things you are doing for them. So, make a point to mention it to them – somehow – so they can see first-hand what it is.

Now, you might think you’re being a pompous jerk or cocky when talking about the things you’re doing for your customers and making them happy. However, when they learn that you’re going above and beyond to help them out, they won’t feel this way about you.

2. Handwritten Notes For Long-Time Clients/Customers
Another way to gain customer loyalty is to hand-write them a note, asking them how things are going for them, and if they need anything from you, to not hesitate to ask. If you run into a customer at a local event, send him/her a note acknowledging that you saw them and that you’ll be in touch soon.

3. Keep Things Personal
It’s true that voicemail and email makes communication easy. However, it doesn’t leave much in the way of personal touch. If you want to speak with a customer/client, consider leaving them a message on their voicemail if you’re unable to reach them. If you can, stop by their office at a time they’re okay with.

4. Don’t Forget The Special Occasions
You should never forget your customers’ special occasions – birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. Send them a card to mark the day or even gifts, if you want. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money to show a customer you remember and care. Be creative and develop a gift that ties back to your business and even their purchase.

5. Give Them Information
If you see or read something that you think a customer would like, give them a call or send them a letter to inform them.

6. Conduct Follow Up Calls
When you speak with or visit an established and satisfied customer/client, it’s not uncommon for them to provide you with referrals. Referrals, as you know, will lead to more business from new customers.

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